Interior Photos

My wife has had several requests to post interior pictures. Here is what she asked me to post.  Enjoy!

Although we lack a few finishing touches on inside of our vintage camper, we wanted to post a few photos. I searched quite a while for a fabric that reflected vintage style and when I saw this Richloom Marmande Spring at Jonann’s I instantly loved it. Hanging below this fabric was the red version by Richloom called Marmande Garden. I took photos of both fabrics and immediately sent them to hubby for inspection and approval. He liked the fabrics as well. However Frolic Interior 3the fabrics were pricey so I waited until a 50% off coupon was available from JoAnn’s before purchasing several yards of fabric for the curtains. I also found the pom pom fringe trim at Joann’s and waited until it was half off, and used my teacher’s discount as well. I found the best deal on the red fabric from They undercut Joann’s half price sale and shipped for free! The curtains did not take very long to complete and I finished them a couple months before attempting the cushions.

For some reason the cushion project was more intimidating and I actually procrastinated until the last week before our group campout. My husband really wanted these cushions to have piping on them to add a more professional look (and we couldn’t afford a professional). Many of the online tutorial videos I watched showed how to make piping and attach it to covers with tops, sides, bottom, and install a zipper. My first attempt was an epic fail and I broke down and cried over my inabilities. Finally I decided to merge a couple different Frolic Interior 4techniques to sew the top, piping and sides together. The sides were cut long enough to staple to a 1/8” piece of plywood cut 1/4” smaller than the foam cushion being covered. This left room to tightly pull and staple the excess fabric over the 4” foam piece for each cushion, then attach the excess fabric to the board. The raw fabric edges, staples, and board are on the underside of each cushion, which will never be seen (except by countless folks reading this blog).

It is easy to tell my favorite colors are bright reds, yellows, and greens. Many people who redo vintage campers fill them with antique items from the 50’s or 60’s. At first I intended to purchase Fiesta Ware Frolic Interior 2dishes in different colors and try to furnish this camper with all things retro. I soon learned those things are more expensive than new stuff. So when I found plates at Walmart in those bright Fiesta Ware type of colors on clearance ($1-$2 per dinner plate) I was thrilled. I happened to have napkins and place mats in perfect colors already. I found those sunshine yellow pillows at Target along with a rug to match. I love the owl cookie jar which we have named WHO and he came from Walmart also. The red enamel Dutch Oven was a Valentine’s gift from my hubby. It is by LODGE, came from Target, and we call it our LOVE POT. I picked up the yellow throw, owl salt and pepper shakers, dish towels, and vase of fake red daises at Home Goods. All these colorful finds cost Frolic Interior 1less than a new or vintage place setting of Fiesta Ware and I can bring many of these colorful finds into our home to enjoy when we aren’t camping.

I am indebted to my talented husband for spending countless hours when he should have been sleeping to finish this project. He had much more of a challenge before him than I did. We really enjoyed having a goal to work on together. I hope we can enjoy the fruits of our labor for many years to come, traveling together, and camping in this little gem.